Troy Dean Shafer

Learn more about Troy Dean Shafer of DIY Network's Nashville Flipped.

Nashville Flipped (HNAFP)

Nashville Flipped (HNAFP)

Exterior of host Troy Shafer as seen on HGTV's Nashville Flipped.

Photo by: Tacklebox Films

Tacklebox Films

Troy Dean Shafer, contractor and host of DIY’s Nashville Flipped, has saved, restored and flipped dozens of historic homes in Nashville, Tenn. The series follows Troy and his team at what they do best — peel back layers of previous renovations to reveal the original beauty of these forgotten homes. As part of his home renovation business, Troy also specializes in creating beautiful era-specific custom pieces for clients who own historic properties.  

Initially Troy made the move to Nashville 10 years ago to pursue a career in music, but he realized that his background in construction and talent for historic homes restoration could become an amazing career. Since then, he started his home renovation business, Nashville Flipped, married his best friend Becky and now is the star of his own DIY Network series.

Troy is a native of Erie, Penn and is a graduate of Penn State University.

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