Meet Jonathan's Cute Dogs

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Check out photos and funny stories about Jonathan's two dogs Gracie and Stewie. 

Jonathan Scott With Gracie and Stewie

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images ©2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Name Game

Doggies in the Window

Take Stewie to Work Day

John Colaneri With Brady

A Family Affair

Ballin' Brady

Gathered 'Round the Table

Vern Yip With Scooter, Hank, Bob and Schmoo

Photo By: Sarah Dorio ©Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Josh Temple With Eazy

Anitra Mecadon With Jett

Anitra With Shiloh

Anitra With Diggy

Antonio Bellatore With Chewie

Photo By: Grace Chon |

Doggie Kisses

Photo By: Grace Chon |

Chip Wade With Ben

Sabrina Soto With Harper

Quality Couch Time

Danielle Bryk With Lucky Dog

Danielle With Ferdinand

Everybody Now

Jeff Devlin With Gretel and Spanky

Jeff With Daisy Mae and Buttercup

Chicken Selfie

A Day on the Farm

Jonathan's Show

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