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At a young age, Dylan learned how things worked by taking them apart and (successfully) putting them back together. From rebuilding the engine in his first car to fixing tools when they broke, he's always approached life as an opportunity to learn new skills. As the Project Manager for DIY Network Ultimate Retreat and a background in Environmental Science, he can now express his creativity through upcycling, reuse and making things do what they weren't designed to do.

From 2002 on, Dylan designed and built everything from residential additions to custom homes to churches to process plants. Dylan Eastman also designed and managed the DIY Network Blog Cabin from 2011-2016. He continues to make anything and everything he can. You can find his online how-to's and DIY articles as far back as 1995 when the web was largely text based. His current toolbox includes 20 years of experience, CNCs, laser tables, and 3D printers.

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